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This is my personal, "best of all worlds, and then some" release of the 2014 anime Ping Pong The Animation, a project that aims to be the best way to enjoy what I consider the most impactful, incredible piece of animated media of all time. It is a combination of the hard work made possible by many other people, plus hundreds of hours of meticulous revision by myself over the past two years. Unlike most any other release of any captioned media, these subtitles aim to be a part of the visuals of the show itself rather than simply a layer of text laid atop video, where the lettering strives to follow the style & spirit of both the animation and the original manga paneling to which the show pays near-constant homage.

The typesetting in this release is comprehensive and extremely detailed, based on the fansub group WhyNot?'s 2014 as-it-was-airing-on-broadcast-TV episode releases, with further creative modification inspired by Omeiht's "Dekinai" release of the show. These subtitles are synced to video from the Japanese Blu-Ray discs, provided by philosophy-raws.

The script is largely an original translation. It is based on a combination of WhyNot?'s version and the official Funimation subtitles, heavily edited, with many chunks of dialogue across all episodes re-translated from scratch. (I especially put a lot of research into all the table tennis-related vocabulary and references!) Honorifics are left in. The opening, ending, and both insert songs notably use original translations, as all previous versions have significant errors or are based on misheard lyrics. I've re-timed signs and much of the dialogue, and worked to ensure a high degree of consistency across the script, e.g. in repeated motifs/phrases, episode titles, use of italics, color matching, font choices, and subtitle positioning. I hope Masaaki Yuasa and Taiyō Matsumoto would be proud.


★ Downloads

Download: Torrent | Magnet | Nyaa

You can also download the subtitles and fonts separately. This release consists of episodes 1–11 and the official PV (trailer). This website hosts no video files for download.

You'll want a video player like mpv, IINA, or MPC-HC to play .mkv files. VLC works fine too. Contact me for any problems with playback or download.

I've written up a list of translation notes and references to go along with the show.

If muxing a copy yourself (via MKVToolNix or similar program) using the above downloads + separately-obtained raws, i.e. rips from the JP BDs that you own, see this list for the attachments (fonts) used in each episode.

» Release info

Blu-Ray | MKV | h265 10-bit | 1080p | Opus 2.0 | Softsubs (eli)

Script: eli (based on WhyNot)
Typesetting: eli (based on WhyNot/Dekinai)
Song TL: eli
Song styling: Commie [OP], WhyNot [ED], eli [Inserts]
Timing, QC: eli

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☾ Trailer / PV

Mirror on YouTube.

★ Screenshots (includes spoilers!)

Contact: @frozenpandaman