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スプラトゥーン フォント インクイング

Download the official Splatoon and Splatoon 2 fonts ripped from the SplatNet 2 app here:
Splatoon1.otf | Splatoon2.otf

Inkling, a font created from characters that appear in the game Splatoon—seen on Sunken Scrolls, in Octo Valley, written on in-game gear, etc.


17 distinct alphabetical glyphs (excluding rotations/mirrored versions) of this writing system have been seen in-game so far. I've vectorized and mapped each character to its closest English (Latin alphabet) equivalent, when possible, so typing English words in this font will lead to somewhat readable text. Unfortunately, Inkling is essentially gibberish—in-game Inkling text cannot be translated and in most cases has no meaning (i.e. the choice of which glyph goes to which character in this font was completely arbitrary, but made to expedite being able to type the characters you want).

By no means does this font provide all the non-English characters seen in-game, as multiple writing systems exist; the characters in this font are those that are the most predominant and widely used.


IMPORTANT NOTE about how this non-standard font works and how to type the 100+ (!) different characters:

As seen on in-game materials, many glyphs have rotations and mirrored versions of them. I've included these characters in the font via uppercase letters and ligatures (make sure you don't have them disabled!)

The base glyph can be achieved by simply typing the letter in lowercase, e.g. a
Vertical flips can be achieved by typing the letter in uppercase, e.g. A
Horizontal flips can be achieved by typing the letter twice, e.g. aa
180-degree rotations (vertical + horizontal flip) can be achieved by using both of these methods, e.g. AA

The comma character acts as a delimiter of sorts, and should be used when typing a repeated character. aa would produce a horizontally flipped version of the base character, while a,a would type the base character twice. The comma-delimiter character has zero width.

Some symmetrical characters have no need for certain mirrors (e.g. 'E' and vertically-flipped 'E' are identitcal). Typing these characters twice will simply result in two of the glyph—the comma delimiter does not have to be used here. This applies to the following characters: entEINT

Available characters:

Alphanumeric: abcdefghiíjklmnoópqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOÓPQRSTUVWXYZ0123456789

Punctuation: -. !?¡¿/'"

Other: @#$%^&*[]{}\|=+_<>;©®


Version 2.0 changelog:

Special characters worth noting:

The double-i character can be achieved by typing i twice (provided ligature) or í

The sans-bar 'o' character is mapped to ó; its vertically-flipped counterpart is mapped to Ó

Letters listed under "Other" in the list of available characters above will not produce their designated character, but rather one of the various symbols from in-game such as brands and other logos. Image-based characters are listed below:
The main brands in alphabetical order are mapped to the keys @#$%^&*[]{}\|.

The dolphin logo is mapped to =.

The tentacle logo is mapped to +.

The Squid Systers logo is mapped to _.

The White Tee (いか t-shirt) logo is mapped to <.

The White Anchor Tee logo is mapped to >.

The Splatfest logo is mapped to ;.

The ヒ "copyright" symbol appearing in many logos is mapped to ©.

The wakaba logo found on the back of the Basic Tee is mapped to ®.



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This text should be in Inkling if you have the font installed!
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I'd like to see anything you make with this font!


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